Pure story is the story of my life

PURE STORY was originated from my passion and desire to meet women’s needs. I have always been fascinated by the skin, which is the largest human organ. Once you realize that it absorbs a lot of substances, you strive to provide it with best possible ingredients.

The idea of creating PURE STORY was not only to fill in the missing substances, but above all to stimulate our own regeneration. This has been made possible by the use of ingredients that are naturally present in the skin. As clinical studies show, they can be integrated into natural regeneration processes and give long-term effects.

PURE STORY ESSENTIAL are the ABC’s of skin care:

  • ACTIVE: they contain only substances with scientifically proven beneficial effect on skin regeneration, in concentrations ensuring their maximum effectiveness.
  • BIOIDENTIC: they are based only on substances naturally found in the skin. As the skin identifies them as its own natural substances, they support the natural processes of its renewal and are totally safe.
  • CLEAN: they are free of aggressive chemicals and preservatives. They contain only raw materials of natural origin.

Aleksandra Rymsza, MD, PhD

Aleksandra Rymsza anti-ageing cosmetics pure story