Why do we age ?

Our body is built of billions of live cells. It is like a large factory, in which the production of new cells and replacement of worn out or damaged ones is an ongoingprocess. The epidermis undergoes constantrenewalas well. Newcells,bornin the deepest,i.e.reproductive layer of the skin,push out older cells to the surface. Thisishowstratumcorneum, which is the outerlayerof the skin, is formed. Old cells systematically peeloff, leaving on the surface younger skin cells. Unfortunately, asyou get olderthis processslows downand skinregenerationstarts legging behind. Therefore, you need to help your skin to stay young longer. Beinga dermatologist, I research, evaluate, test and developeffective ways to renew skin cells. I am particularly keen on usingour own tissuesfor those purposes. PURE STORY cosmeceuticals, which naturally do not contain any human tissues, were created from bioidentical ingredients, i.e. those that are naturally found in our skin.PURE STORY isthe resultofmy long-termfascination with our body's auto-regenerative capabilities


PURE STORY cosmeceuticals mean purity and simplicity. They do not contain accidentalor harmful ingredients that may overburden the skin. InPURE STORY we use highest-qualitynatural ingredients of proven origin. Instead of chemically produced oils, we use natural plantoils, raspberry seed oil, linseed oil,andavocado butter. Instead of chemical preservatives we usenatural coconut extract containing antibacterial and antifungal peptides.We use only plant ingredientswithcertificates of authenticity. Being carefully selected based ontheir effectiveness and properties, as well asmixed in the right concentrations and proportions, they provide the skin with everything that it needs in order to be beautiful, clean, firm and smooth. Whencreating PURE STORY,we intendednot only to supplement missing substancesor delaywater evaporation from the skin surface, as most cosmeticsdo, but above all to supportour own regenerationprocessesby usingbioidentical substances. What are those? Theseare thesubstances that the skin identifiesas its own and includes in metabolic pathwaysin its cells. Thus,even whenyou stop using PURE STORY, your skin looks healthier.

PURE STORY workon many levels:

  1. retainingwater in the skin due to the content ofsubstanceswith effectivewater-bindingcapacity (i.e. thecomponents of NMF -Natural MoisturizingFactor),
  2. delayingwater evaporation from the skin by providing physiological lipids and repairing the lipid barrier,
  3. protectingskin cells againstthe damaging effects of free radicals duetohighconcentrations of antioxidants,
  4. supportingnatural skin renewal processes due toingredients that affect cell division (retinol, asiaticoside), i.e. stimulatingthe renewal of skin cells.

Thanks to carefully selected formulaand highest-quality ingredients, I offer you products that both ensure everyday skin care as well as supportthe treatment of most skin ailments. PURE STORY is a brand created for those women who, being aware of their beauty, value first and foremost the highest quality. These are cosmeceuticals, i.e. cosmetics withmedicinal properties. They are the ABC’s of skincare:

ACTIVE: they contain only substances with scientifically proven beneficial effect on skin regeneration, in concentrations ensuring their maximum effectiveness.

BIOIDENTIC: they arebased only on substances naturallyfoundin the skin. As the skin identifies themas its own natural substances, they support the natural processes of its renewal and are totallysafe.

CLEAN: they are free of aggressive chemicals and preservatives. They contain only raw materials of natural origin, while preservation is ensured by natural mechanisms, used by probiotic bacteria to defend against harmful microorganisms.


The name came very... naturally. PURE STORY reflectthe general concept of conscious living andrespecting the laws of nature, including conscious, pureskin care when only suchcosmeticsare used that have beencreatedin line withits structure and composition. PURE STORY are pureand free of chemicals (aggressive preservatives, fillers, oil derivatives, silicones or other artificial ingredients). PURE STORY also meanclean environment. They are packaged in bottles and jars made of special biophotonic glass, which prevents the decomposition of those delicate substancesbylight.

Our logo

The PURE STORY logo depicts dividing cells and symbolizes the support to natural skin renewal processes. Because the skin, like our entire body, has unique regenerative abilities. However, being systematically exposed to damaging factors, such as detergents and other chemical substances, wind, UV radiation, at some point it loses its ability toresist them efficiently. The PURE STORY logo is a sign that everything can be reversed. Skin agingincluded.


Can we turn time back? ... PURE STORY ESSENTIAL is a line of cosmeceuticals that counteract skin aging. They stimulate skin renewal processes, making it younger. They retain skin water, making it firm and smooth. They also fight free radicals which, destroying intercellular cement, collagen and elastin fibers, accelerate the aging of your skin. Antioxidants, of both natural and synthetic origin, are invaluable in the fight against free radicals. The luxurious, pampering your senses collection PURE STORY ESSENTIAL is rich in substances with scientifically proven, beneficial effects for the skin, used in appropriate concentrations, and ensuring maximum results. 

PURE STORY ESSENTIAL among others contain: 

L-ascorbic acid,  the most effective form of vitamin C, needed for the synthesis of collagen, i.e. the protein that ensures skin firmness. It accelerates healing processes, has strong antioxidant properties, i.e. fights free radicals responsible for skin aging.

D-tocopherols, the most biologically active form of vitamin E. Similarly to vitamin C, it protects cell membranes against the harmful effects of free radicals.

Coenzyme Q10, that reduces wrinkles, improves metabolism, cell regeneration and oxygenation, moisturizes, firms and tones the skin. It is a very strong antioxidant.

Squalane, a natural ingredient produced by the sebaceous glands. It moisturizes and strengthens the skin natural lipid barrier. It acts as an antioxidant, protecting skin lipid structures against oxidation and free radicals.

Retinol, the most effective substance smoothing and eliminating discoloration and fine wrinkles. It increases the number of collagen producing cells.

Asianoside, which is derived from Centella Asiatica, and supports the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin and improves its blood supply.

Panthenol, a precursor of vitamin B5, which stimulates lipid synthesis and increases the number of collagen-producing cells called fibroblasts.

Alpha – Bisabolol, which enhances skin healing and soothes irritations by inhibiting the production of proinflammatory cytokines.

Lactobionic acid, a substance with a strong moisturizing effect. It stimulates the skin to create new collagen and elastin fibers, as a result of which it becomes firm and improves its elasticity.

Ultra-low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, a key ingredient of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). It very efficiently binds water molecules, improving skin hydration.

Urea, similarly to hyaluronic acid, a key component of NMF. Due to small size of its molecule, it penetrates deep skin layers, retaining water.

Cholesterol and EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) are the most important fats, lacking in aging skin. They retain water, making your skin look younger. 

PURE STORY are natural cosmetics enriched with active substances in concentrations ensuring their effectiveness, i.a. physiological lipids, rebuilding the natural lipid barrier of the skin or NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) ingredients that bind water and keep the skin moisturized.

The basis of PURE STORY are natural plant oils with added concentrated, fresh, pure active ingredients (e.g. retinol, tocopherols, coenzyme Q10, Asianosides, L-ascorbic acid, etc.), physiological lipids (cholesterol, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA)) and NMF components (urea, hyaluronic acid, lactobionic acid).

PURE STORY contains bioidentical ingredients, i.e. ingredients naturally found in the skin. Hence, the skin identifies them as its own and builds them into its structure. Therefore, they support skin’s intrinsic repair capabilities. 

The skin does not require complicated solutions, stabilized vitamins or preservatives. It is the cosmetics industry that needs them, in order for cosmetics to last long on store shelves. Fresh and simple active substances are best for the skin. To make the most of these valuable ingredients, PURE STORY are stored in special biophotonic glass containers that protect the ingredients from decomposition. 

PURE STORY cosmeceuticals reflect the latest global trends, introducing pure cosmetics that do not contain toxins and harmful chemicals, and at the same time are highly effective. Inspired by nature and created in laboratories synthetic substances may also be used. PURE STORY provide effective skin care without harming the body and are custom made.