A way to turn back time….

PURE STORY BY MEDICAL DOCTORS is a line of anti-ageing cosmetics. Carefully selected ingredients, due to their effectiveness and properties, mixed in appropriate concentrations and proportions, provide the skin with everything it needs to be beautiful, clean, firm and velvety.

They are based on natural plant oils to which concentrated, fresh, pure active ingredients (e. g. retinol, alpha-d-tocopherols, coenzyme Q0, asiatics, L-ascorbic acid), physiological lipids (cholesterol, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA)) or NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) components (urea, hyaluronic acid, lactobionic acid) have been added.

This allows them to work in key skin areas such as stimulating renewal processes, combating free radicals and retaining water in the skin, leaving it more hydrated and firm.


PURE STORY cosmeceuticals mean purity and simplicity. According to the rule “less is more”, they do not contain accidental or harmful ingredients that may overburden the skin. They contain only what is necessary for the skin.

In PURE STORY we use highest-quality natural ingredients of proven origin with certificates of authenticity. Instead of chemically produced oils, we use natural plant oils, like raspberry seed oil, rosehip oil, or avocado butter. Instead of chemical preservatives we use natural coconut extract containing antibacterial and antifungal peptides.

Being carefully selected based on their effectiveness and properties, as well as mixed in the right concentrations and proportions, they provide the skin with everything that it needs in order to be beautiful, clean, firm and smooth.