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Pure Story Less Waste – Acting for the Good of the Planet

At PURE STORY, we not only care about the quality of our products, but also about the impact our business has on the environment. That’s why we package our cosmetics in biophotonic glass, which is not a random choice. The glass is fully biodegradable and plays a key role in preserving the quality of the cosmetics stored in it. Join our less waste initiative!

The sun is the source of life, but its rays can also harm, drying out and degrading the contents of packages. The purple MIRON glass we use is the only glass that perfectly protects against the sun’s harmful rays. It transmits favorable rays while blocking harmful ones, thus preserving and enhancing the natural properties of the products.

MIRON glass also acts as a natural barrier to the energy stored in the product, trapping it inside, extending its life. In scientific tests, MIRON purple glass has shown significantly better storage quality compared to other materials such as plastic or aluminum, and without the addition of preservatives.

What’s more, with its reusability and recyclability, MIRON glass is a sustainable choice for reducing waste.

Although purple glass is not recyclable as it loses its valuable properties, at PURE STORY we can reuse it for new cosmetics, which significantly reduces waste.

Source: Discover the Wonders of Violet Glass by

Join our waste reduction initiative Pure Story Less Waste!

We encourage you, our dear customers, to join our recycling initiative. You can send us your empty PURE STORY product packaging to be reused.

  • Submit a 6-pack of cosmetics and choose one of the products from the YOUTH range – Cleansing Milk, Vitamin Shot Serum or Age Defense Serum.
  • Receive 12 packs and choose one of the products from the YOUTH or ANTIAGING range – Cleansing Milk, Vitamin Shot Serum, Age Defense Serum, POWER Glow Serum, Deep Moisture Cream or POWER Eye Cream.

And how to do it? Nothing could be easier!

  • Thoroughly wash, clean and dry the packaging of used cosmetics.
  • Carefully pack them to avoid breaking glass during shipping (we only accept undamaged packaging).
  • Send them to our office at ul. Pulaski 20F, 05-510 Konstancin-Jeziorna.
  • Write an email to with information about the products sent and the selected gift.

Join the program and help us take care of our planet by reducing waste and supporting sustainable development. Together we can do more!